Roofing Installation

Part of the NZ-wide RoofingSmiths
team crafting exceptional roofs


Our team is committed to delivering quality roofing installations for home and business owners.

What We Do Best


Whether you are building your first home, an architecturally designed masterpiece or a commercial building,
Roofing Hub can offer you a fast and reliable service from an experienced and dedicated roofing team.


Roofing Hub is part of the RoofingSmiths team which installs the wide range of Dimond products.
We have 30 installers working across the Central Otago and Mackenzie country on residential and commercial projects.


It’s all about putting roofs over families’ heads, from shades to architectural houses. They can be someone’s first home, to the dream home that they have been planning for years. Whether built by group home companies or builders, we understand the importance keeping to budget and time. It’s not just new builds either, contact us for renovations or repairs.


Architectural roofing is to us a concept. We do our best to represent what the architect is trying to say in their drawings, their vision of design. It can be as simple as making the joins line up with the windows. It can be as hard as doing all the cladding with no fixings; where it is folded and bent in crazy lines and angles so when you stand back you ask the question – ‘how’?


Commercial properties cover a large range of projects from a single storey building to a large wintering barn of 9,000m2. We have worked on pre-schools, churches, large machinery workshops, floating gold dregs, government buildings and a retirement village of over 60 three-bedroom homes.

What's Important To Us



With you and your architect or builder at concept, as well as installation.


Size doesn’t matter

Whether it’s a custom quirky garden shed or a large commercial project.  We take the same level of pride and care in all projects, large or small.


Quality products

We ensure that only the best quality brands and products are used.



We care about our customers and our work. From delivering on-time, a clean site policy through to a dedicated team who are committed to providing you with an exceptional roof.



We are full to the brim with knowledge and experience, which is passed on to our apprentices.

Our Approach


We strive to make the process of roofing your home or business smooth, efficient and stress-free by following
three phases: H – how. U – us. B - beyond.

Roofing Hub Our Approach

Our Partners

When working with Roofing Hub you not only have our team of experts on hand but the
backing of our suppliers and their products. We’re proud to work with the industry’s leading
suppliers enabling us to offer the best possible roofing solutions, advice and after sales service.