About Roofing Hub

Our Story


Our story begins back in 2007 with two lads called Dave and Ruffy.  After missing out on acquiring RoofingSmiths in Queenstown they formed their own business (About Roofing) and joined forces with Calder Stewart to supply their roofing material.  Of course, as we all know the following year is when the GFC hit which made business very challenging. 


Throughout those tough years their focus remained the same, to provide quality roofs for families and businesses.  In 2012 they met their ‘lady in shining armour’ Alison, who swooped in, helped the lads out and hasn’t left.

As the local population grew, so too did the business and in 2013 Dave, Ruffy and Alison joined the RoofingSmiths team then added on a cladding arm (Architectural Cladding) in 2015.


Business grew to a point where Roofing Hub Limited was incorporated in March 2017 so that all the businesses could be under one roof.


Throughout the growth of the company Dave, Ruffy and Alison always maintained a focus on training as they realised the importance of the next generation of roofers not only being taught the skills but also to be nurtured through their careers. 


Always up for a challenge.  One great characteristic of the Roofing Hub team is the way they relish in problem-solving or creating anything from a quirky small shed to an architecturally designed space which is more like a piece of art than a building.


Since the beginning, Dave, Ruffy and Alison have always stuck to their core values of honesty, pride and hard graft which has earned them respect from their staff, customers and suppliers.


Importance Of Sustainability


At Roofing Hub we believe in the importance of sustainability.  We use Dimond Roofing® roofing products who have been implementing green building principals across the industry for a number of years now and has developed a fully realised environmental sustainability pathway to reach their goal of reducing our carbon emissions by 30% by 2030.

They are proud to have met the criteria for “Level A” certification for the Global GreenTag™ GreenRate™ ecolabel and as part of our ToitÅ« carbonreduce® accreditation, they’re also measuring all of their essential Scope 1 & 2 emissions, as well as voluntarily measuring their major Scope 3 emissions.

To view the process Dimond has undertaken to achieve these accreditations, and their commitments to further improvement to the future, please visit their website.

(credit: Dimond Roofing)




Working For Us


As a growing business, we believe in training along with a sprinkling of humour and positive attitudes.


Roofing Hub creates more than just flashings and roofs, it also creates talented apprentices. We regularly offer apprenticeship programs as well as vacancies for installers. Along with our roofing pros we have an office full of superstars.


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Roofing Hub is proudly locally owned and operated in Wanaka and Queenstown.


P. 03 443 2794

3 Connell Terrace,
Wanaka 9382


P. 03 442 2202

160 Glenda Drive,
Queenstown 9300

Awards Won

  • RANZ Roofing Excellence 2015

  • Roofing training company of the Year 2017

  • Ignite Business Awards - Outstanding in Trades & Infrastructure 2019